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As the mother of a small boy, I’ve been subjected to WAY more superhero movies than I ever thought would be possible. Some I enjoyed. Some I have pretended enthusiasm for while I played Wood Blocks. So,when my son started talking about watching Aquaman, a movie about the DC superhero with the most dubious superpowers around, I was less than enthusiastic. And then, I saw Jason Mamoa... I mean the trailer. I would love to talk to you about the plot of this movie. It has one. According to my son and husband, it’s actually a pretty good one about an unlikely hero battling his own past. I’ll be honest with you; I watched this movie three times before I noticed anyone was talking. The special effects are pretty awesome. There were underwater scenes that were incredibly impressive on the big screen. And kids will get a huge kick out of sharks and sea dragons being ridden into battle like war horses. All in all, this is a superhero movie that boy moms can get behind. And by the way, it looks pretty good from there, too!

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