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Chalkboard Art

Joede Weikle has been making chalkboard masterpieces at The Ritz since 2016. She recently told us how it all started:

"It is a funny story actually! The first chalkboard sign that I made was actually a group effort. The first one was Pete's Dragon in 2016. The poster for the movie was never delivered, so we needed something to tell the public what was playing. We found the chalkboard backstage. Heather Steers, who worked there at the time, had chalk in her car. We drew straws to see who would do the board, and guess who got the short straw? I started out by trying to make the lettering as close as possible to the picture of the poster. Once that was finished, Heather drew the dragon and I shaded it in. TaDa! From then on, I would do the boards occasionally for other movies and events that we had. The customers really seemed to like it. They would comment about them and take pictures in front of them, and etc. Pretty soon it was something that I did for every movie that we have. I really enjoy doing it and I love to see the kids' faces light up when they walk in and see the movie characters on the board!" 

joede chalkboard.jpg
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