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Groups can request special movies or extra show times.  

Prices (with a minimum of 75 patrons buying tickets and snacks):

  • Royalty fees - if applicable  (approximately $350)

  • Matinee movie tickets are $4 per person.

  • Snacks are $5 per person and include of bag of popcorn, an Airhead and a 12-ounce drink.


Payment is due at time of service.


Special movies:

The Ritz will work to secure rights to the movie, but the group will be responsible for royalty payment. Once you have selected your movie, date and time, The Ritz will contact you with royalty fees. Please schedule at least 3 weeks in advance to allow time to obtain the movie.


Additional show times:

If your group would like to see a movie that is currently playing, but wants to schedule a private viewing, please contact us.










    MOVIE HOTLINE: (304) 466-6684      MOVIE TIMES

    MOVIE HOTLINE: (304) 466-6684      MOVIE TIMES

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