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The Movies are Back!

After an extended hiatus and a seemingly never-ending cycle of rescheduled releases, Hollywood’s back producing major blockbusters that aren’t just coming to a small screen near you. It’s time to relax with a bucket of popcorn as all of the past year’s highly anticipated postponed projects finally make their return to the big screen! Sure, more and more movies are increasingly making it onto the streaming platforms, but nothing comes close to the experience of catching a flick at the theatre!

While it may not seem like it, going to the movies is a social experience. Sitting in silence for two hours with friends is a chance for us to connect to one another in a uniquely profound way. The magic of Hollywood moves us. Whether an actor’s performance drives us to tears, a quirky character steals our hearts, or some mystical far away place captivates our imagination, for those one hundred and twenty minutes, we’re whisked away into their

world! Going to the movies offers an escape from our reality.

In the 21st century, that same movie magic can be transmitted directly into our homes, but that same experience loses a bit of luster when these larger-than-life storylines shrink down to fit our living room screens. It’s hard to commit to the fantasy when aspects that remind us of our everyday lives are just off to the side of the screen. Going to the theatre plucks us from our realities and forces us to be in the moment.

When we go out to see a film at the cinema, we all collectively make a choice to suspend our realities and come together to experience that journey of escapism with one another. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering with a group of friends or a packed house with complete strangers, for those two hours spent watching a movie together for the first time, we share our laughter, expose our heartstrings, and radiate the joys of a happy ending. By engaging with the film, we become malleable observers amongst a cast of fellow audience members fulfilling their roles as eager participants, riding along the twists and turns of the filmmakers’ visual rollercoaster.

These cathartic reactions are only felt so deeply because of the ambiance created at any good movie house. The seats are comfortable, everyone’s phones are off, the room is pitch black, and the sound is immersive. As many distractions as possible are eliminated in order to heighten the experience of the film you’re about to watch.

Think back to some of the most iconic moments in recent blockbusters. Imagine Thanos snapping his fingers and the doorbell rings. Would Mufasa’s fall from Pride Rock cause you to tear up if you watched it for the first time while scrolling on social media? Would the sound effects of lightsaber battles have been as impressive if heard through the muffle of someone mowing their grass?

All of these moments can be relived any time on demand but no TV soundbar or living room set up could ever replicate the audible gasps of everyone in the theatre when it seemed like Thanos had won, or that sinking feeling of heartbreak for Simba, or the thundering rumble of the walls as though the whole theatre might come crumbling down when Luke destroyed the Death Star. These are the moments that leave a lasting impression that streaming apps on a backlit phone screen could never reproduce.

Of course, not every movie will leave us awe struck or on the edge of our seats. Most movies are just made for the simple purpose of being enjoyed. Animated feel-good movies, sappy rom coms, or cheesy slasher flicks probably won’t make it into the Best Picture category, but these lovable films hold a special place in our hearts anyway…because they’re fun! At the end of the day, a lot of us probably underestimate just how fun it can be going to the movies. Not only is it a great chance to let our hair down and hang out with friends, but it’s also the perfect excuse to indulge in quite possibly the most fun part about going to the movies: the snacks!

Signature movie snacks like popcorn and candy are probably some of the most universal comfort foods that never get talked about. The excitement that builds up while standing in the concession line can sometimes rival the anticipation for the movie itself. That’s because the salty and sweet temptations calling out to us from behind the see-through counter really complete the experience. Something about these classic movie munchies unlock a treasure trove of cheerful memories as soon as they touch our senses. Try as we might, microwave recreations of these timeless snacks just can’t ever seem to match the vibe of the ones from the movies!

Hopefully, these thoughts have reignited your passion for going to the movies. With an endless launch of sure to be smash hits on the horizon, there are plenty of chances to gather up the kids, round up the old gang, or sneak off to the cinema with your significant other to re-experience the magic of the big screen. This time around, be sure to make the evening special. Challenge yourself to sit somewhere different, see something unconventional, and try some of those nachos or pretzel bites you’ve always had your eye on.

With our increasingly plugged-in lifestyle becoming harder and harder to escape, treat yourself to a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment and nostalgia once in a while, and please, for the enjoyment of all movie goers, don’t forget to silence your phone!

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